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SSC Steel Shape Cutters BV - Dordrecht

Cutting it fine!

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Computer-controlled machine cutting of:

  • steel tubes
  • beams
  • hollow sections
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  • tubes range till 2500 mm OD
  • H-beams, hollow sections and plate up to 1200 mm
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  • Profiling of tubes by means of oxyfuel and plasma cutting
  • Profiling of beams and hollow sections by means of plasma cutting

SSC Steel Shape Cutters is a new and
competent provider of 3D-profiling!

  • fast
  • accurate
  • without further finishing
  • cost effective

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3D-Profiling Steel Shape Cutters

SSC & 3D-profiling

  • Computer-controlled machine cutting
  • plasma and oxyfuel, thicknesses up to 150 mm
  • tubes ranging from ø 200 to 2500 mm OD
  • beams and hollow sections up to 1200 mm wide
  • plate up to 1200 mm wide and 3000 mm long
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The range of SSC

SSC Steel Shape Cutters provide services to many branches of industry where steel is used: from construction and offshore to process piping and crane building.
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Techniek bij Steel Shape Cutters


SSC master various techniques: oxyfuel and plasma cutting

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